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Captain America The Winter soldier End  Credits


Before & After

I love editing. It’s oddly soothing, despite the headaches, unnecessary stress, and computer crashes it causes. It’s rather amazing what’s possible nowadays with Photoshop. It’s a remarkable tool. Here’s a selection of some images with their before & afters. The top image, The Evil Queen, is the most extensive edit I’ve done. Almost broke my computer. Had to split the file into two pieces due to how large it became XD

Images from top to bottom, left to right
The Evil Queen
Costumer - Cavalyn
Shall We Dance?
model/costumer - Madam Mercy
Costumer - Sheila of Aicosu
Talk Nerdy To Me
Model - Dancing Fool Cosplay
Gaara Of The Sand Waterfall
Costumer - Ger Tysk

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The Duality Of Catelyn Stark
Catelyn Stark - Ellystar Cosplay 
Lady Stoneheart - Maggie Bee

I haven’t been posting my work as much lately, in fact I’ve taken a break from posting quite a bit the past few months. Trying to get better about posting, I’m just forgetful is all. 
This set was shot back in February. Appropriate uploading it as there’s a new season of Game of Thrones going on. 
PS there’s spoilers here. Sorry, not sorry. 


Check out our feature trailer with brand new footage of Aurora’s adventure though Lemuria. Child of Light will be released April 30th 2014

April 30th cannot get here soon enough. 

Sailor Zombie SquadIn the name of the moon they will punish you!Sailor Neptune - ImaginEeriSailor Venus - Elyssa B’s Cosplay Sailor Mars - Cat B.Sailor Moon - Katy Scarlett CosplaysSailor Mercury - Sparrow’s Song EntertainmentSailor Jupiter - Amalgam CosplaySailor Saturn - Dancing Fool Cosplay High Res - and like on Facebook - style heavily inspired by QOTSA music video “3’s & 7’s” as well as Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse movies.More from this set

Sailor Zombie Squad
In the name of the moon they will punish you!

Sailor Neptune - ImaginEeri
Sailor Venus - Elyssa B’s Cosplay 
Sailor Mars - Cat B.
Sailor Moon - Katy Scarlett Cosplays
Sailor Mercury - Sparrow’s Song Entertainment
Sailor Jupiter - Amalgam Cosplay
Sailor Saturn - Dancing Fool Cosplay 

High Res -
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Editing style heavily inspired by QOTSA music video “3’s & 7’s” as well as Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse movies.

More from this set soon.


I’ve been in cosplay mode for the past couple weeks trying to finish this up! Loved being Team Flare babes with my friends! And now to enjoy the rest of my Katsucon!

Excellent designs. More fashion than cosplay in my eyes. Just stellar.