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Last month myself as well as a slew of others had the opportunity to shoot in the Commander’s Mansion, a very old but quite well kept mansion in Watertown, MA. 

I didn’t shoot that much. In fact I was particularly picky about what I photographed. When I did make a decision to shoot with someone it wasn’t because there were people there and they all needed photos. No. I picked the outfits that worked best with the ideas that popped into my head. Went with my gut instinct, something I feel as an artist myself as well as others need to remember to not ignore. Sometimes going with your gut pays dividends, sometimes it doesn’t. For this particular case I had clear visions in my head as to what I wanted and I’m quite ok with the results. 

As always you can find these images as well as a slew of other images I’ve taken whether it’s cosplay, fashion, or other forms of portraiture over at Nate Buchman Photography

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